Takeout food is my guilty pleasure, says Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor admits she doesn't cook enough credit:Bang Showbiz
Phoebe Dynevor admits she doesn't cook enough credit:Bang Showbiz

Phoebe Dynevor considers takeaway food to be her "guilty pleasure".

The 28-year-old actress - who is best known for playing Daphne Basset on 'Bridgerton' - has revealed that she rarely cooks at home and often turns to eating takeout food instead.

Asked to name her "guiltiest pleasure", Phoebe told the Guardian newspaper: "Not cooking enough: I need to stop eating out or getting takeouts. Right now, my guilty pleasure is a lack of a home-cooked meal."

Phoebe also revealed that she feels guilty about taking so many flights during the course of a year.

The actress admitted that the environmental impact of flying makes her feel "awful".

She confessed: "Every time I go on a plane I feel awful about it. So for me, and everyone in the world, being able to board an electric plane would be really cool."

Phoebe actually named "global warming" as one of her biggest concerns in life.

Asked what keeps her awake at night, Phoebe replied: "So many things. Every headline in the newspaper, global warming … the list goes on."

Meanwhile, Phoebe previously confessed to being surprised the success of 'Bridgerton'.

The actress shot to global stardom on the back of starring in the hit Netflix show, but she never imagined that it would become so successful.

Phoebe told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "In the first season, people were saying to me, 'You know this could be huge,' but you don’t ever believe that, and you will never understand what it feels like until it happens to you. It's quite out-of-the-body and weird."

'Bridgerton' was released amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Phoebe leaned on Daisy Edgar-Jones - the star of 'Normal People' - for support as both dealt with their new-found fame.

Phoebe said: "She reached out, and we FaceTimed the first-week 'Bridgerton' came out. I didn’t know her at all, but it was really lovely, because we were in a very similar position."