‘Tasmanian Devil House’ is for sale in the UK and it’s ‘exactly what you think’

Screen grab from Rightmove.uk

A home on the real estate market across the pond is creating a tizzy thanks to a particular room — and people adore it.

The two-bedroom house, which is listed for around $96,300 in Liverpool, has a room specifically for Tasmanian devil stuffed animals. And there’s a lot of them. Yet, it doesn’t mention the random photo in the listing itself.

“This is briefly comprising of entrance vestibule, lounge, kitchen, and downstairs bathroom, with two double bedrooms to the first floor,” the listing on RightMove.co.uk says. “The property is close to all local amenities and great transport links to the city center.”

While the listing doesn’t mention it, it caught the attention of fans of Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that features unique homes for sale.

“The ‘Tasmanian Devil House’ in Liverpool is exactly what you think it is,” Zillow Gone Wild said in a post.

“One day they mentioned they liked Taz to a group of friends and family. This is what happens,” one person said.

“Oh my goodness. Looks like TAZ has done a number on this place,” another observed.

“Wow! Some people just find and stick with their passion - Bravo! I’d love to list it, just for all the fun convos that come!” someone commented.

“Someone once said ‘I just love the Tasmanian Devil’ and every gift from everyone they knew but especially their grandma and mom was Taz. Forever and ever....” one person joked.

Have you ever seen a room you can hear?” another asked.

Folks noticed what looks like a giant spider (decor, hopefully) on the wall in one of the rooms as well.

“Um … what in crumpets and a spot of tea is that hanging on the wall?” one person commented.

“Walking distance to Anfield and Goodison, tho. I’d put up with the giant spider on the wall for that,” someone else said.

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