Taylor Swift Gave Matty Healy a Heads-Up About ‘TTPD,’ He Feels “Relief,” and They “Don’t Speak Anymore”

Despite Taylor Swift seemingly devoting multiple songs to their relationship and breakup, Matty Healy isn’t sweating the release of The Tortured Poets Department—at least according to an Us Weekly source who said he’s breathing a sigh of “relief.”

“Matty still thinks very highly of Taylor, but we were all nervous about what she might have said on the album,” an insider told the outlet, adding that Matty “couldn’t be happier” with how Tortured Poets turned out.

“Matty’s family knew about the relationship,” the insider explained. “And they were worried that Taylor was going to rip him apart. Matty has struggled with life in the public eye, and he’s been doing really well, but the last thing that he needs is for every Swiftie in the world to think he’s a villain.”

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Apparently, Taylor did give Matty a heads-up, which he was “really appreciative” of: “He was worried that their story would be shed in a negative light,” the source added, going on to say that Matty had concerns “the public wouldn’t get the full story" and was “also very nervous about the Swifties.”

Matty is said to be “happy he can move on with less anxiety,” and the source confirmed that “their relationship was fast but extremely passionate and real.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether or not Matty and Taylor are in touch, the former couple “don’t speak anymore” but “had a strong bond” and Matty will “always hold a special place for her.”

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