Taylor Swift Sings “I’m Having His Baby, No I’m Not” on “But Daddy I Love Him,” Seemingly About Matty Healy

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Taylor Takes Aim at “Vipers” and “Wine Moms”Twitter

It’s not exactly an exaggeration to say Taylor Swift’s relationship with Matty Healy wasn’t met with..enthusiasm from fans. Mostly thanks to the fact that, ya know, it took about five minutes for everyone to dust off his indefensible past comments—leading many Swifties to loudly root for their breakup. And break up they did!

Taylor and Matty only publicly dated from May to June (ish) before parting ways, but those months seemingly had a pretty huge impact on Tay—to the point where fans think Matty is the inspiration for much of The Tortured Poets Department. Specifically the song “But Daddy I Love Him”—which is not about Harry Styles like people previously thought—but is instead about Tay defending her relationship against criticism from “vipers” and “wine moms.”

Some of the lyrics?

I just learned these people only raise you
To cage you
Sarahs and Hannahs in their Sunday best
Clutchin’ their pearls sighing, “What a mess”


Now I’m running with my dress unbuttoned
Scrеamin’ “But, daddy, I love him”
I’m having his baby
No, I’m not, but you should see your faces
I’m telling him to floor it through thе fences
No, I’m not coming to my senses
I know it’s crazy
But he's the one I want

Oh and:

He was chaos, he was revelry
Bedroom eyes like a remedy
Soon enough the elders had convened down at the city hall
“Stay away from her,” the saboteurs
Protested too much
Lord knows the words we never heard
Just screeching tires of true love

I’ll tell you something right now
I’d rather burn my whole life down
Than listen to one more second of all this bitchin’ and moanin’
I’ll tell you something ’bout my good name
It’s mine alone to disgrace
I don’t cater to all these vipers dressed in empath’s clothing


There’s a lot of people in town that I bestow upon my fakest smiles
Scandal does funny things to pride but brings lovers closer
We came back when the heat died down
Went to my parents and they came around
All the wine moms are still holding out
But fuck ’em, it’s over

Fan reaction to the song has basically consisted of everyone making the same joke:

And for the most part, fans are lol:

Annnnnd SCENE!

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