Thank You Coronavirus Helpers! This Gesture From a Recovered COVID-19 Senior Citizen Patient is Heartwarming, View Pic

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The coronavirus cases in the country are on a rise and it is indeed a worrying time. Medical workers, nurses, healthcare officials continue to work round the clock to take care of the patients, putting their own lives at risk. A COVID-19 patient who recovered from the disease had a beautiful gift to present to his carers. He offered them a bag of rice which he had grown in his own field. Dr Urvi Shukla from Pune shared a picture of the rice bag offered by the recovered patient on Twitter and it is winning hearts. It is one of the best ways to say Thank You to Coronavirus Helpers.

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Since the last six months, doctors, medical professionals, wardboys, other hospital staff are working extra hours for days at large to treat the patients. Dr Shukla mentions this particular patient as was a senior citizen, who was in the ICU for 15 days. The patient was kept on ventilator for 12 days and all his treatment was done for free. But he wanted to express his gratitude to his team of doctors and helpers. He decided to give them what he had, his own grown rice in a field. Dr Urvi Shukla MD posted the picture on her Twitter account and people are touched. They have called it a blessing and thanked the doctors once again for their selfless service. From Spiderman Delivering Groceries to Reader Sending Pizzas to Newspaper Workers, These Instances of Good Samaritans During Coronavirus Pandemic Will Make You Smile With Happy Tears.

Check the Tweet Here:

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Check some reactions from people online:

A Gift of Sweat and Blood

Most Expensive Gift

So Valuable

Best Fee

Lovely Gesture

That's a Blessing

Many people are touched by this wonderful offering and called it the most expensive fee the doctors could get. Many others thanked the doctor and the entire medical staff for their continuous work in times of this crisis. It becomes a must that we continue to respect and honour the medical workers as well as other people employed in essential services for their constant service.