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These massive, waterproof storage totes have 28,000+ fans, and they're down to $5 each at Amazon

It's finally spring, so pop your winter coats into these No. 1 bestsellers and make way for warm weather wear in your closet.

One major downside to storage bins is that they're heavy and hard to move. You fill them up with your stuff, then you need to put some serious muscle into transporting them to their "forever home." Often it's a two-person job, which means that retrieving things (think seasonal clothes) is a big production. Well, Amazon has a brilliant solution: Ticonn Extra-Large Storage Totes. Lightweight, durable and roomy, these tough bags zip tight to protect your belongings and, because they have handles, they're easy to move from spot to spot. With more than 28,000 five-star ratings, they're a clear win. Need more motivation to follow through on your spring cleaning and organizing to-do list? How about a huge discount? These bags are marked way, way down at Amazon.

These waterproof bags are the ultimate storage solutions. They hold up to 24 gallons of gear and have a zip top that can be fully removed. Built-in handles make them easy to hoist onto a high closet shelf, up to the attic or out to the garage.

$30 at Amazon

💰 Why is it a good deal?

A pack of six 24-gallon Ticonn storage bags is currently down to $30 from $50, which is 40% off. Not too shabby — you're only paying $5 per bag! While this isn't the absolute lowest price we've ever seen for this set, it's within $7 of it, and now is a prime time to pack up your bulky winter clothing and linens to make space for lighter spring wear.

🤔 Why do I need these?

Think of it this way: If a large Ikea shopping bag and a sealable storage bin had a baby, it would be a Ticonn Tote. So basically, it's a storage dream come true. Shoppers agree.

"They are basically large Ikea bags with zippers," said a five-star reviewer. A fellow fan reported that the durable material is even "thicker than an Ikea bag." The bags are also larger than Ikea's. They hold up to 24 gallons, where Ikea bags hold 20 gallons (and cost more per bag). They also zip closed, allowing you to seal in your stuff. They're waterproof and have a little bit of give, so you can smush a few into a small space. The zipper is sturdy, and a tag pocket makes it easy to ID what's inside.

When your bags aren't in use, just fold them flat and stow them under a bed, in a closet or a drawer; they take up barely any space.

the blue storage tote on a yellow and blue background
Meet your storage and organization solution for spring 2024 and beyond. (Amazon)

💬 What reviewers say

Again, more than 28,000 Amazon shoppers rave about these storage totes.

👍 Pros

"I wish I would have gotten these sooner," said a satisfied shopper. "These are a must-have for organization, moving and storage. Great size, you can definitely fit a few blankets and sheets in these. I bought these for in-home storage, but if you're moving do not hesitate to get these!"

Another happy customer is thrilled with how much they can hold: "They are so sturdy and have never ripped on me, no matter how much I stuff them ... I love knowing that the bottom won’t fall out on me while I’m carrying them. They are sewn extremely well."

👎 Cons

"Moving cross-city with these reusable bags instead of large boxes made relocating a two-bedroom townhome a breeze," shared another fan. "I was able to load up six full bags in the back of my small hatchback car, unload, then go back and start the process over. The bags held up like new the entire time. My only complaint is that the bag handles are uncomfortable. You'll want to wear something like garden or Mechanix gloves if you're carrying full bags."

Shoppers say these handy storage totes are not only great for organizing, but they're also ideal for moving. Each bag has a clear pocket on the side, so you can label their contents.

$30 at Amazon

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