Is this £15,000 creation the most extravagant coffee maker in the world?

The £15,000 Royal Coffee Maker could be the most extravagant coffee maker in the world.

If you take your coffee seriously, this extravagant creation could be the thing for you.

Handcrafted in 24-carat gold or silver, using crystal and semi-precious stone, the £15,000 Royal Coffee Maker could be the most extravagant coffee maker in the world.

Only eight of the bespoke accessories are produced by hand each month, each taking more than 50 hours of painstaking workmanship to complete.

Workmanship – each coffee maker is handcrafted and takes more than 50 hours to make (Pictures: SWNS)

The pricey percolator is a recreation of the historic balancing syphon used by royalty in the 1800s. Syphon coffee brewers were first seen in the 1850s when the King of Hungary wowed his guests with one during a royal banquet.

Maria Tindemans, of Royal Paris, was inspired to bring back the historic syphon coffee makers in the early 1990s and the Royal Coffee Maker is the product of three years of painstaking research and a collaboration with artist Jean-Luc Rieutort.

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The creation turns the art of brewing coffee into a ceremony – grounds are put into a fine Baccarat crystal carafe before hot water is poured into the boiler pot and the Baccarat burner vase lit.

Next, a fully automated system allows heat, steam and gravity to brew the coffee at the perfect temperature in the crystal Baccarat vase.

History – the maker is inspired by the historic balancing syphons used by royalty in the 1800s

No artificial filters are used and it is also said to be the only coffee maker that allows for customised coffee or tea with the ability to add liqueurs and spices before the brew.

Royal Paris’ creation can also be personalised with initials, a company name or even a family crest as all the parts are handmade, assembled, carved and decorated one piece at a time. It also comes with a matching custom-made coffee scoop.

The personal touch – you can add your name, initials, company name or family crest as every part is handmade

Maria Tindemans, from Royal Paris, said: “It’s taken us more than three years of research and development to produce this entirely unique coffee maker.

“This luxury coffee machine is an elegant echo of the opulent age of salon coffees when only the best coffee was reserved for the rich and famous. And unlike today’s modern coffee machines, a Royal leaves nothing to chance.

“Every minute process is an exact science and every coffee made is unlike anything you’ll ever taste.”

Accessories – you’ll also get a custom-made coffee scoop