This is how to tell if food is safe to eat after its ‘Best Before’ date

Rob Waugh
(PIcture Rext)

Most of us throw away an extraordinary amount of food when it’s still good to eat – so much, in fact, that 40% of our food is thrown away.

A new video from the American Chemical Society explores which foods are actually safe to eat – and which aren’t.

One of the big problems, according to the ACS, is ‘Best Before’ dates.

The ACS says, ‘The term expiry date is misleading – it’s a suggestion about whether a food is at peak quality or not.’

It can often be safely ignored – except with certain ‘danger’ foods such as cooked meats and infant formula.

In particular, vegetables and fruits are often safe long after the Best Before date.

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Brown fruit in particular is often safe – and sometimes sweeter. .

The ACS says, ‘Unless you see mould on it, or its slimy, it’s probably OK to eat.’

The ACS recommends an app – Foodkeeper – for Android and iOS, which offers tips on how long you can keep various foods, using information from Cornell experts.