Tire shop worker crushed to death when RV falls on him, Georgia officials say

A tire shop employee was killed when a motor home he was working on fell, pinning him underneath, Georgia authorities said.

The “work-related accident” happened at about 9:20 a.m. Tuesday, April 16, at Buck’s Tires in Newnan, according to a city official.

The man was reportedly working underneath the recreational vehicle when the RV fell, Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk told McClatchy News on the phone.

The vehicle somehow slid off the air jack as he was trying to remove a tire, the Newnan Times-Herald reported, citing deputy coroner Gary Stallings.

The man was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead, city officials said. Hawk identified him as 26-year-old Timothy Welling.

Authorities didn’t release additional details but said they’re investigating.

Newnan is about a 40-mile drive southwest from downtown Atlanta.

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