TNA Wrestling star compares surprise hit single to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Wrestling star Joe Hendry is climbing the charts credit:Bang Showbiz
Wrestling star Joe Hendry is climbing the charts credit:Bang Showbiz

Wrestler Joe Hendry thinks his new hit single has a lot in common with Queen classic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

The TNA Wrestling star - who is well known for using his musical skills to roast his fellow grapplers - has topped the daily iTunes chart in the UK this week with his entrance song 'I Believe In Joe Hendry' and with the track in the running for a spot in the official UK singles charts, he's "proud" of the impressive feat for an unexpected reason.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Although the song is 113 seconds long, it is deceptively complex in its structure, because it's very rare that a song charts where you will change the BPM, so you change the speed of the song.

"It's like multiple songs in one, it's structurally similar to [Muse's] 'Knights of Cydonia', or 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

"So I'm very proud that I was able to pull that off within such a short song and that people like it as much as they do!"

The 36-year-old Scottish wrestler rose up on the UK independent scene before signing with TNA - then known as IMPACT Wrestling - in 2022.

His surprise rise up the charts came after a some fans started to make TikTok videos a few weeks ago using his signature theme song, which saw a "quite aggressive" increase in numbers on other social media platforms.

Joe and his team made meme videos from "different movies and TV shows" with his song coming in at the big "iconic" moments.

From there, he decided to capitalise on the viral trend and officially release the track, although he's found himself in a chart battle with some "titans in the music industry".

He laughed: "People jokingly said I've done this on hard mode because is the week that Taylor Swift released the new album, but I like a challenge.

"The fun part is I have absolutely no idea [what will happen]... but no one can ever take away from me that my song was that the number one spot on the UK iTunes chart...

"All jokes aside, this could potentially - I don't know, who knows? But this has potential to be the highest charting single of any wrestler ever."

On Thursday (02.05.24), on the eve of the weekly charts being released, Joe will perform a live "apology concert" for rival AJ Francis on 'TNA Wrestling: Impact', and he's taking inspiration from WWE legend Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and fellow musician wrestler Elias.

He explained: "It's important to respect the standard that's been - and being different is most important, being unique is most important.

"So how The Rock does a concert, and how Elias does a concert cannot be the same as how Joe Hendry would do a concert."

Focusing on the potential chart battle, Joe admitted "it's scary in the best possible way", as his past attempts at making it as a musician have come full circle.

He said: "My goal is just to get better every day. And just learn something every day.

"And I hate to be spiritual and and all this, but I really feel like I've asked the universe for something special here, and it's delivering in spades."