I Took a Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day for a Week, and This Is What Happened

I for one have been on a health kick recently. And no, it’s not because spring break is approaching, it’s because I want to be fit, strong and healthy, dammit. So when I scrolled through Pinterest, I came across a ton of pins that talked about the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar (ACV). The list goes on for what it does for your skin, your metabolism and so on. I decided to try it out myself and take a shot every morning so you don’t have to.

Day 1

I was super excited for my first day. Maybe a little too excited to be drinking a smelly vinegar before breakfast. Originally, I read to start off small so I planned on doing only 1 tablespoon of ACV on my first day. I accidentally misread my measurement and put in only half a tablespoon on the first day. So it’s safe to say I had it easy my first day.

Another rookie mistake I made was having breakfast right after – nothing like a bowl of oats and almond milk to go with your acidic shot. After that, I went to the gym where I had probably the worst migraine ever (no, literally). Full disclosure – I admit I burped more than I ever would have in public. After I got that out of my system, I actually had a killer leg session.

Day 2

Going into day two, I knew a little bit more of what to expect. I poured my shot (the correct amount this time – one tablespoon) into a mini solo cup shot glass to pump myself up like a bro. I ended up coughing a lot – as if I were taking an actual shot of alcohol (yes, I’m that girl). My throat was burning afterwards. Granted, I do have the sniffles and/or the signs of a cold to come. I waited to have breakfast today for a half an hour so no burping for me.

Day 3

Today I upped the ante by doing two tablespoons (which is what most people do in the morning). This time, I chased it with some almond milk. I’m not sure if that was the best idea – the flavors of vinegar, apple, and almond don’t really mesh well. I took it before my breakfast and it had no effect on my appetite.

Day 4

Again, I did two tablespoons in the morning. I wonder if my housemates are curious about why there are shot glasses to be put away every day before noon? Yes I have continued to use my mini solo shot glass to make me feel like a boss when taking these.

I’m obviously on a health kick right now and so I took my hair/skin/nail vitamin right afterward (gummies FTW) which left my stomach feeling acidy. I have never experienced heartburn before, but this is what I think it would feel like – if it was in my stomach.

Day 5

I got to see my mom this weekend and she was a witness to my fifth ACV shot. This time, I tried the organic brand to see if it made a difference. After measuring the vinegar (still two tablespoons) and slurping it down, my mom was horrified. She wasn’t freaked out by the ACV – she too had heard of the benefits – but she had never heard of taking it straight. Mixers are for the weak, mom.

Day 6

So this day kind of doesn’t count… because I didn’t take my ACV. Why, you ask, did I fail? Was it too much to bear tastewise? Was the daily burping getting to be too much? Nope. I overslept and had just enough time to make it to my morning class. I didn’t want to take my shot in the middle of the day in between meals. So sue me.

Day 7ish

So today was the final day of my apple cider vinegar cleanse trial. I have to say, taking the shot this morning wasn’t bad. Again, I burped my way through the morning but I also felt accomplished.

While I wasn’t 100% successful in my attempt, I’m happy I tried this out. Would I recommend this to a friend? If you have the time and money for some ACV, then go ahead, it’s not going to hurt. I do have to admit that I was disappointed when I didn’t see a change in my skin or weight for that matter. I did notice a little less bloating but I’m not sure what to attribute that to.

All in all, I kind of knew that taking this shot every day wasn’t going to turn me into the perfect specimen of human health. I didn’t expect taking it to make me so mindful of what I ate afterwards. Sometimes that’s what we need to kick ourselves into high gear.

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