Toronto hosts city's 1st African Fashion Week

More than a dozen designers from the African diaspora are gathering in Toronto for the city's first ever African Fashion Week.

The four-day event will feature designers showcasing their talents on the runways and in seminars.

"To be able to showcase their skills, their talent, I hope they get that out of this, I really do," said Anita Aboagye, co-founder of the fashion week.

Aboagye grew up in Toronto but is influenced by her Ghanaian roots. She said arranging the logistics of what hopefully will be a jumping-off point for the designers has not been without its challenges.

"You gotta get a visa; do they have a passport, have they ever travelled, how much money do they have in their account ?," Aboagye said.

Among them is Victor Noubibou, who made the trip with his wife's precious cargo because she wasn't able to get a visa to come to Canada.

"This is from Monrovia, Liberia, designed by Mema Exclusive Designs...," he said, proudly displaying a garment his wife designed.

The Fashion Week runs August 15 - 18 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

The CBC's Kimberly Gale reports.

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