Toronto Mayor John Tory scolds Leafs fan who harassed reporter during Game 6

The Leafs fan that uttered the slur at CTV reporter Miranda Anthistle recently and Toronto Mayor John Tory. (Twitter//@Mirandanthistle and Getty Images)

It’s a pathetic attention-seeking ‘joke’ that was never that funny and always in bad taste.

After a middle-aged man became a viral sensation for grabbing a reporter’s microphone during a live hit and yelling ‘f— her right in the p—y’ back in 2014, the trend swept through North America. Usually yelled by young males at female reporters, the practice was quickly condemned by the public and was thought to be just another tasteless fad.

Clearly, a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs who was recently watching Game 6 of his team’s first round clash with the Boston Bruins outside of Scotiabank Arena didn’t get that memo.

While CTV reporter Miranda Anthistle was conducting an interview, the fan saw an opportunity to have his moment in the spotlight and yell the ‘hilarious’ line.

Unfortunately for him, Anthistle wasn’t going to let him get away with it. She took a photo of the man and blasted him for his actions on Twitter.

Only a few hours after posting the photo on Monday afternoon, Toronto Mayor John Tory released the following statement on his Twitter account:

This isn’t the first time that an individual connected to the slur has been lambasted publicly for his actions. Back in 2015, a Hydro One employee defended a man that uttered the phrase during a live hit by CityTV reporter Shauna Hunt outside of BMO Field. 

While he didn’t say the slur himself, Shawn Simoes was more than willing to share his opinion on it when Hunt decided to turn the microphone on him, saying it is ‘f—ing hilarious.’

Simoes — who was raking in a salary of over $100,000 a year at the time — was fired by Hydro One after the video went viral. He was rehired later that year after apologizing to Hunt and going through an arbitration process. 

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