Tow truck worker films car falling down ravine

Screenshots from YouTube.

A member of a highway maintenance crew managed to capture a cringe-worthy moment on video during a failed attempt to turn over a flipped car.

The video, posted to YouTube on Sunday, shows a man in a striped, reflective vest standing by a flatbed truck as he watches a white, four-door car slowly being swirled around by some cables along a deserted stretch of road in what appears to be Trinidad and Tobago, as the video’s title seems to indicate.

A man in a police uniform stands by the car as it’s pulled towards the flatbed in a clockwise direction. As the camera zooms out, more highway crew members in uniform can be seen directing the fate of the overturned vehicle.

The man at the flatbed holds down a button that pulls the cables forward as the car slowly turns to its side. After a few seconds, the car slams to the ground and its wheels begin bouncing after the impact. The car doesn’t stay still for long though as it immediately rolls forward and straight down a cliff dense with foliage.

The man filming starts to holler. “Straight down,” another man yells. The person holding the camera can be heard chuckling.

In a moment like that, what else is there to do?