Travis Kelce is amping up his career outside football. Here is a full list of his side hustles.

Travis Kelce is amping up his career outside football. Here is a full list of his side hustles.
  • Travis Kelce is in his "side hustle" era.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs tight-end was just hired to host "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?"

  • Kelce has also been expanding outside football through brand deals, a podcast, and investing in a movie.

Travis Kelce's road to becoming "as famous as the Rock" continues as he is hired to host the new Amazon Prime video gameshow "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?"

Fresh after a weekend at Coachella with his world-famous girlfriend Taylor Swift, multiple outlets reported the new gig for Kelce on Tuesday.

Until last year, Travis Kelce's fame was rooted in his career as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, a role that The Wall Street Journal said gets him a $14 million salary.

He's dabbled outside football before, but little compares to the transformational effect of starting to date Swift in July 2023.

Kelce seems to be using the fame boost wisely, gaining brand deals and pushing his family podcast.

Here are his four latest gigs outside football:

Hosting "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?"

Travis Kelce SNL
Travis Kelce hosted SNL in March 2023.Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

The Guardian reported that Amazon ordered 20 episodes of the new gameshow.

The show — a spin-off from Fox's "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" — sees adult contestants answering 11 elementary school-level trivia questions with the help of celebrities.

A rep for Amazon told the publication in a statement that contestants could win up to $100,000.

Kelce told the Guardian in a statement: "I'm just happy to be on the hosting side of the equation here and excited to see how these famous faces keep up."

This is not Kelce's first rodeo. In March 2023, Kelce hosted "Saturday Night Live" and made a cameo with Swift later that year.

People reported in January, citing an unnamed source, that Kelce was keen to host and act after his retirement after his two appearances on "SNL."

However, when speaking to The Journal in November 2023, Kelce said he wanted to become a sports commentator. The Journal's writer, J.R. Moehringer, suggested that Kelce was interested in stand-up comedy, too.

Kelce runs a podcast with his recently retired brother, Jason Kelce.

jason kelce travis kelce superbowl
Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce both began their careers as football players.Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The brothers, who both rose to fame due to their impressive football careers, launched a weekly podcast, "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce," in September 2022.

They discuss the NFL, interview guests, and open up about their personal lives on the show. In fact, Swift and Kelce's relationship began after the Chiefs player said he wanted to give her his number on a podcast episode in July 2023.

Both brothers have had a longer football career than most players.

According to a study by RBC Wealth Management, the average NFL player retires before their 28th birthday after around seven years of pro play.

Jason Kelce, 36, retired from the NFL in March after 13 seasons.

Kelce is 34 and has played 11 seasons.

Kelce told The Journal that he would go for another season but thinks about retirement "more than anyone could ever imagine."

Kelce's co-manager, Aaron Eanes, told the Journal: "the NFL is just his side hustle."

Kelce is the king of commercials and brand deals.

Travis Kelce.
Travis Kelce.David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Kelce and his team have spent the last few years organizing multiple brand deals for the football player, including with Subway, Campbell's Soup, and Experian.

A December Wall Street Journal report cited research saying Kelce had appeared in 375 commercials aired just between September and December 2023, more than any other athlete or celebrity in the same timeframe.

Forbes reported in February that Kelce makes roughly $5 million from endorsing major brands like Nike, State Farm, Pfizer, and Bud Light.

The constant ads also increase Kelce's exposure by keeping him on people's screens and minds.

Kelce is an executive producer for the upcoming movie "My Dead Friend Zoe."

travis kelce taylor swift
Kelce's girlfriend, Swift, is also rumored to be making her first movie.Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Kelce became a first-time executive movie producer this year after investing in "My Dead Friend Zoe," following its premiere at the SXSW festival in March.

The movie was a war comedy-drama about a US Afghanistan veteran trying to move on from the trauma and support her grandfather.

The director, Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, told Variety in March that Kelce got involved in the film because he supported the military and veterans, calling it a "big part" of his motive.

"It was just really heartwarming and touching, and the amount of added limelight and energy that he's brought to the project is just going to help it reach a broader audience," he said.

As an executive producer, Kelce will help the film get a wider release.

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