Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Has Blunt 'F**king' Question For Undecided Voters

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog returned to “The Daily Show” on Wednesday for a focus group with undecided voters ― and he cut to the chase early as he asked them to introduce themselves.

“Tell us your name and what your fucking problem is,” Triumph demanded.

Triumph ― aka comic/writer/actor Robert Smigel ― mocked the voters who said they need more information before they decide between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“I get it,” he said. “We know so little about Trump and Biden ― apart from their campaign issues, their actions as president, their handling of the global pandemic, their criminal indictments, whom they’ve showered with, and a very detailed description of Trump’s penis from a former porn star, but we still don’t know.”

By the end of the segment, he was giving very specific advice on how each voter in the group can handle Election Day.

Check it out below: