Trump goes off on Biden in early morning screed ahead of debate: ‘Man is a walking LYING MACHINE’

Donald Trump has baselessly claimed that Joe Biden should be thrilled there are no fact checkers in the first presidential debate of the 2024 election, and branded the president a “lying machine.”

Trump appeared to be projecting in his early morning screed on Truth Social on Wednesday, and accused Biden of spreading “falsehoods”.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s ‘Handlers’ are loudly and profusely complaining that there will be no Fact Checkers during the Debate on Thursday,” Trump posted. “Actually, that is just DISINFORMATION - They could not be happier, because there is nobody that’s as loose with the TRUTH as Crooked Joe.”

The debate will be aired by CNN at 9pm on Thursday, June 27. The network has said there will not be real-time fact checking.

Trump went on to accuse Biden of making up a number of news stories. “From the 51 Fake Intelligence Agents, to Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Fake ‘Suckers and Losers Story’ he created about our beloved Military,” the former president raged.

All of these stories surfaced while Trump was in the White House.

Donald Trump brands Joe Biden as a ‘liar’ in Truth Social rant one day ahead of the first presidential debate of the 2024 election (AP/Getty)
Donald Trump brands Joe Biden as a ‘liar’ in Truth Social rant one day ahead of the first presidential debate of the 2024 election (AP/Getty)

Trump appeared to be referring to the 51 intelligence officials who signed a letter expressing their belief that the disclosure of Biden’s infamous emails — which Trump’s then-personal attorney Rudy Guiluiani brought to light — had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

“Russia Russia Russia” seems to be allude to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The two-year-long probe occurred during Trump’s term.

The “suckers and losers” remark appeared to be fresh in Trump’s mind following recent events. During a recent D-Day anniversary visit to France, Biden reminded European allies that Trump had dubbed soldiers buried at a historic cemetery as “suckers and losers”.

“Who in the hell does he think he is? This guy does not deserve to be president, whether or not I’m running,” Biden said.

Trump also claimed that Biden fabricated stories about his personal history, like “cheating in College and saying he was first in his Law School Class when he was actually LAST, to claiming he marched for Civil Rights, drove trucks, and has a 6.2 Handicap (He can’t hit the Golf Ball 10 yards, but that’s a minor detail!).”

Although Trump’s claim about Biden finishing last in law school on its face is untrue, Biden did exaggerate how well he performed. At a 2020 campaign event, Biden said that he “ended up in the top half of my class”. In reality, he graduated 76th in a 85-person class, according to the Associated Press.

“The man is a walking LYING MACHINE, and a Fact Checker’s DREAM,” Trump said. “Maybe we should call him “Lyin’ Joe” in addition to Crooked?”

AWashington Post analysis found that while in office, Trump lied 30,573 times with an average of 21 false claims a day.