Turkey hunter shot by member of hunting group 50 yards away, Oklahoma officials say

A turkey hunter was shot by a member of his group during the first day of hunting season in Oklahoma, officials say.

Oklahoma Game Wardens said the victim in the Tuesday, April 16, shooting in Woods County is “extremely lucky” to not suffer serious injuries.

The turkey hunter was hosting two Indiana residents, who were positioned around dawn at a baited feeder on private property, officials said in an April 20 news release. Meanwhile, the victim and a partner were positioned in the trees to watch the visitors.

When three young male turkeys came to the feeder, one of the Indiana hunters shot at the first turkey. But the shooter’s host was in line with the turkeys and was also shot, according to the game wardens.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he was “treated for several pellet strikes,” officials said.

“Everyone involved is extremely lucky that the victim was not seriously injured, killed, or maimed,” according to the news release. “The investigation revealed that the shooter was less than 50 yards away from the victim.”

Game wardens said everyone involved was “cited for illegal possession of turkeys and hunting turkeys within 100 yards of bait.” Charges were not filed for the hunter being shot.

Spring turkey hunting season in Oklahoma spans from April 16 to May 16.

Woods County is about a 150-mile drive northwest of Oklahoma City.

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