Twitter calls out Gwen Stefani's subtle shade at ex-husband on 'The Voice'

The blind auditions continued on 'The Voice' Tuesday night with 36-year-old rock singer Aaron Scott, whose cover of Fuel's "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" had Blake Shelton and John Legend impressed. However, Gwen Stefani was not quite feeling Aaron's performance. "Somebody remind me what that song is, 'cause it's very '90s," said Stefani, who later told Scott she would refrain from providing feedback on his performance due to the era of the genre. "I got to be honest, some of those '90s songs are like a trigger for me. I probably have to go see my therapist after that. Thank you. So I will just pass it over to Kelly, and I will just have a drink," stated Stefani. While "Hemorrhage" actually came out in the year 2000, Stefani's point was taken. Even viewers were quick to point out that Stefani's comment may have been a dig at her '90s rock star ex, Gavin Rossdale. One person tweeted: "Don’t cover 90s rock songs in front of Gwen Stefani! Girl’s still trying to heal! How could you, man?" In fact, just last month, Stefani threw shade at her ex, when she photoshopped her current boyfriend, Shelton, into a classic throwback pic of her and Rossdale on Instagram. Unfortunately for Stefani, she's going to have to get used to hearing some '90s and 2000s rock because, in the end, Scott chose Team Blake.