Twitter Spirals Over Bachelor Zach Shallcross Breaking His "No Sex" Rule

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the bachelor “2709” love is in the air when zach and the final three women travel to krabi, thailand with firm parameters set on intimacy and growing temptations, will zach hold himself to his commitment or go back on his word monday, march 20 800 1001 pm edt, on abc abccraig sjodinzach shallcross
Zach Breaking His No-Sex Rule Has Twitter 😵‍💫Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor's Fantasy Suite episode went down last night, and—as we all know—this episode is typically where the Bachelor / Bachelorette gets intimate with their remaining three contestants. However, Zach Shallcross decided he wasn't going to have sex during his Fantasy Suite dates, musing, “What feels right to me is not to explore sexual connections with three different women before falling in love. Like, when sex is involved, it can cause so many additional hurdles and real feelings are at stake. It shouldn't be taken lightly."

And while Zach stuck to his word during his overnight with Ariel, he and Gabi ended up sleeping together. As Zach put it, “We both agreed and wanted to have sex together. And it was very special, it was important, and it was what we both wanted and needed for the relationship. And I feel terrible because obviously I’ve gone against my word and I have, like, fears with how Kaity would feel, how would Ariel feel, how would all the women feel. And I just feel a guilt about the whole week now.”

Somewhat awkwardly, Zach felt the need to tell Kaity that he and Gabi slept together, and she was just all "I just figured that was the case, but you just telling me it, like, confirming...I get that you wanted to tell me and I know you’re saying that because you respect me, but I honestly just could have went without hearing that."

Oh, and then at the Rose Ceremony Kaity turned to Gabi and let her know she knew they had sex. Truly, a mess! And Twitter has a lot to say:

I least the vibe wasn't this?

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