Two major pileups on the same highway, on the same day during this 2016 storm

Two major pileups on the same highway, on the same day during this 2016 storm

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The first half of December 2016, was an unlucky one on the roads of Pennsylvania, with a succession of pileups that left major highways strewn with wrecked cars and mangled metal.

The first, on December 8th, 2016, saw at least 15 people injured in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 90 in the northwestern part of the state, apparently due to lake-effect snow. At least five tractor-trailers and several cars were involved, and it took hours to clear the wreckage, forcing several people to take shelter in a school bus at the scene.

The eastbound lanes were finally reopened about midnight, but the westbound lanes weren't cleared until mid-morning the following day.

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The chaos wasn't limited to Pennsylvania. Elsewhere on the I-90 that day, in Ohio, similarly snowy conditions led to a pileup of more than 50 cars, including a Greyhound bus, shutting down the highway for more than 14 hours. A pileup in Michigan the same day left three people dead.

One week later, on December 15th, yet another massive wreck happened in western Pennsylvania, this time on the I-80. This time, three people were hurt in the pileup, which involved 59 vehicles altogether – 22 tractor-trailers and 37 cars.

As with the earlier wreck, it wasn't the only one. In fact, a total of three such collisions shut down different stretches of the I-80 that day, once again blamed on bands of lake-effect snow. Upstate New York also experiencing collisions, one involving a tractor-trailer and a snowplow. In all, a damaging few days in the leadup to the "official" start of winter that year.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Lake County Sheriff's Office via Storyful