Two Pack Tuesday - Ep. 34 - 2017 Upper Deck Grandeur E-Pack - Precious Metal Silver/Gold McDavid HIT

Two Pack Tuesdays episode 34 - Welcome Back and thank you for joining us. This week we are trying something a little different. Upper Deck's E-Store was having a black Friday sale on 2017 Upper Deck Grandeur precious metal coins. I watched another breaker (Shaun's collectables) crack into these and thought at $50 a pop it's hard to resist (So thank you Shaun's collectables). The price of 1 ounce of silver is at time of recording $21.50 USD. So really, the worst you can do is you're stuck with 1 ounce of Silver. Fortunate for us, we hit a very nice Hi Relief coin out of 1,000. Definitely well worth over the $50 and even $99 (regular price) that Upper Deck was asking for one of these. (I would not recommend these at $99 USD a piece.) There is an opportunity to actually hit an actual 1 ounce gold coin (which at today's price is great if you hit it) Apparently, if you do want the box that goes with these coins, you do have an ability to request for 1 (at $3.00) each when you have the cards/coins delivered to you. I asked for 1, so we'll see what they look like in a later video when the coin arrives. If you do want to get some of these but missed out on the sale, they do have these up for sale from time to time Let us know what you think.