Uber driver gives Tim Hortons worker an ultimate surprise


After completing an Uber ride, most of us will never see our driver again. But one Uber employee went out of her way to help out one of her passengers after she heard her struggle.

Lamiyah Jabbar, from Buffalo, drove a passenger named Diane to her job at Tim Hortons on Aug 3. They started chatting, and Jabbar found Diane’s story so compelling that she had to return to Tim’s later that day for more than just a double-double.

In a video shared to Instagram that’s been viewed nearly 20,000 times, Jabbar announces she’s about to surprise someone, and she’ll explain why.

Jabbar pulls up to the window at the Tim Hortons drive through to where Diane is standing, ready to give her an ice coffee.

“Diane, this morning I gave you an Uber ride to work? And we had a conversation?” Jabbar explains. Diane smiles and says she remembers her.

That’s when Jabbar gets to the reason why she came back to visit Diane.

"You said you [were] waiting till Christmas to get house shoes and some other stuff right? So you don't gotta wait till Christmas," the driver said.

Jabbar then hands over a bag from Old Navy to a beaming Diane.

"Thank you so much, honey," Diane said, clearly in shock. Jabbar explains she bought Diane a dress to wear to church, complete with gift receipt incase it wasn’t her style.

But that’s not where the surprises ended.

"Here's a $50 Visa gift card, so you can take that and get your house shoes and your robe when it's time, OK?" Jabbar said.

Jabbar wrote on Instagram that Diane told her she would have to wait until Christmas to buy these few items she needed.

“Can [you] imagine waiting till Christmas just to get a robe...we tend to take things for granted, but why not help someone else if [you] can,” she wrote in her post.

"Thank you so much," Diane said in response. "This has been such a horrible day, you just made my whole day so much better.”

Jabbar told ABC News that Diane has to spend her money on her grandkids and can’t afford to buy anything for herself.

Tim Hortons didn’t respond to interview requests from ABC News, but Uber did provide a statement to them.

"Drivers like Lamiyah are the heart of our service, and we're inspired by the things they do every day to help riders and strengthen their communities," Uber said in a statement.

Have you had a stranger do a good deed for you, or have you helped out a stranger before?