UE’s Everboom speaker fills the gap between Mega and Epic

UE Everboom held with carabiner.
Matt Nager / Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears (aka UE) is back with a new portable Bluetooth speaker called the UE Everboom. In both its price ($250) and size, it fits between the UE Megaboom ($200) and the UE Epicboom ($300), giving fans of the brand’s speakers a new mix of power and portability. You can buy the Everboom starting June 26 in your choice of black, blue, lilac, or red.

UE Everboom in four colors.
Matt Nager / Ultimate Ears

Design-wise, the Everboom takes its inspiration from the racetrack-oval-shaped Epicboom, but with smaller proportions. Instead of the Epicboom’s built-in hand strap, the Everboom has a small fabric loop on the back panel, and the speaker comes with a color-matched carabiner so you can hang it or attach it to your backpack. Though at 2.1 pounds, you may want to carry it instead.

UE Everboom showing NFC pairing.
Ultimate Ears

The Everboom also preserves the Epicboom’s main features, including NFC tap-to-pair (Android only), Outdoor Boost mode for an extra 1dB of sound, and Party Up, which lets you connect multiple speakers from the UE Boom family.

The new speaker is fully water- and dustproof, with an IP67 rating, and it will float with the iconic, oversized volume controls facing upward, out of the water.

UE pegs the Everboom’s battery life at up to 20 hours, and you can shorten charging time to as little as three hours if you used a USB-C PD charger with at least 15 watts.

UE Everboom floating in water.
Matt Nager / Ultimate Ears

Like most of UE’s portable speakers, the Everboom delivers sound in a 360-degree pattern, but new to the family is a feature called Megaphone. Using the UE Boom app, when you tap the new Megaphone button and speak into your phone, your voice projects through the speaker, just like an actual megaphone.

Megaphone works with UE’s other speakers too; if your UE speaker is compatible with the UE Boom app, it will get this update.

Speaking of updates, along with the launch of the Everboom, UE is updating several of its older models too:

Not much has changed from gen 3 to gen 4. The new versions now have USB-C charging (finally). The fabric wraps are now made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. The Boom 4 and Megaboom 4 have redesigned passive radiators for enhanced bass, and the Wonderboom 4 now has its own podcast mode “for enhanced listening to favorite hosts and stories,” according to UE.

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