'Unacceptable': High-priced chicken at a grocery store leaves Canadians reeling

A picture of unusually priced chicken at a Loblaws store in Toronto recently went viral on Twitter and left many consumers confused and angry.

Video by Shibani Gokhale

Video Transcript

SHIBANI GOKHALE: This is completely unacceptable. Unusually priced chicken in a grocery store has left Canadians reeling. A picture of high-priced chicken taken at a Loblaws store in Toronto recently went viral on Twitter, and customers are not happy.

For a quick comparison, the usual price of 1.3 kilograms of boneless chicken in Toronto would be somewhere between $17 to $21. This chicken was priced at a whopping $37. Loblaws confirmed that the chicken was priced correctly and said that it comes from a club pack of premium poultry.

Many Canadians did not buy this explanation and slammed both the grocery chain and the CEO, Galen Weston, on social media. Many pointed out that the amount paid to farmers per kilogram of chicken is close to $3 and called out the unfairness of inflating this price by 10 times to sell the same chicken in grocery stores. Some are calling it price gouging, and others are questioning if inflation is to blame.

Grocery prices in Canada have been increasing and are expected to escalate by 7% in 2023. Canada's food price report predicted that the annual grocery bill for a family of four is expected to be $16,288, which is $1,065 more than it was in 2022.

We asked Yahoo readers, and 92% of them said that they will be changing their grocery habits due to the rising prices. Will you be doing the same?