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SINGAPORE – Starting October, Under Armour invites all women to come together as one and focus on what matters most – 'U'. More often than not, women find themselves putting their needs last – prioritising their children, husbands and everything else but themselves. The month-long #U1st campaign aims to inspire women from all walks of life to start putting themselves first.

"It’s a routine hard to break, a mindset hard to maintain, but a priority that needs to shift. It’s time to put #U1st."

Under Armour teams up with extraordinary women such as Olympian fencer Amita Berthier and professional fighter Kirstie Gannaway to inspire fellow women to set goals and keep the mental game strong. The #U1st squad line-up includes national swimmer Amanda Lim, sports presenter Kelly Latimer, fitness trainer Cheryl Loh and marathoner Natalie Dau.

Best of all, these activities do not cost you a penny. Here’s what you can expect:

#U1st Live on Instagram

Join the weekly #U1st live Instagram chats with the #U1st squad together with experts @UnderArmourSoutheastAsia every Wednesday at 8pm:

13 October: Get Prepped with Kelly Latimer and Preet Singh, Physiotherapist

20 October: Fuel The Tank with Cheryl Loh and Wendy Riddell, Director of Bootcamps and Nutrition at UFIT Singapore

27 October: Train The Mind with Kelly Latimer and Theresa Goh, Paralympian

Under Armour x Virgin Active

Put #U1st campaign: Sign up for your free Cycling or Body Combat class this Saturday. PHOTO: Under Armour
Put #U1st campaign: Sign up for your free Cycling or Body Combat class this Saturday. PHOTO: Under Armour

Sign up for hour-long outdoor Cycle and Body Combat classes organised by Under Armour X Virgin Active every Saturday. Spots are free and on a first-come-first-serve basis on the #U1st Hub website:

16 October: Cycle at 8.30am; and Body Combat at 9.30am

23 October: Cycle at 8.30am; and Body Combat at 9.30am

Under Armour x Virgin Active: #U1st Sunrise Yoga

There's nothing like lending support to a fellow woman. And that's precisely what Under Armour hopes to achieve with @U1st. So share with Under Armour how you put 'U' first. Participants with the best answers will be invited to attend Under Armour’s exclusive finale event on 30 October, 6.30am at Marina Bay Sands with the fabulous #U1st squad. 

Yahoo Life asks how Kelly Latimer puts herself first

We hope this inspires you to do the same.

Kelly is a widely recognised sports presenter who has hosted high-profile tournaments such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games, Women’s Tennis Association Finals and HSBC Women’s World Championship. Apart from being a presenter, she is also a host, content creator and mother to two young children.

Kelly Latimer on putting #U1st. PHOTO: Under Armour
Kelly Latimer on putting #U1st. PHOTO: Under Armour

Q1) How do you achieve mental wellness amid the pandemic? What are some of the active steps you take to achieve wellness?

Mental health is different for everyone. For me, it is greatly steeped in physical wellness. If I physically feel good, then I am in a better place mentally. Exercise boosts the endorphins. If I'm feeling down, lethargic or lacklustre, a workout is a sure-fire way to get the fire burning in my body and my mind.

If it's mental clarity I seek, I enjoy practising the Wim Hoff breathing method. Feeling the oxygen coursing through my body helps me feel so alive and rejuvenated and is often the pick-me-up I need.

Q2) As a working mother, what’s your fitness routine like and how do you find time to do so?

I believe that you need to prioritise 'U' first. When you prioritise 'U' over social media or watching TV, a workout isn't something you have to make time for. I schedule my gym sessions in my diary. It's my dedicated time to exercise, much like a meeting or an appointment.

I do try to time my workouts so that they have minimal disruption to my kids and work. So I steal pockets of time such as mornings or evenings to the gym after I drop off my daughter at school or when my son takes a nap. Besides dedicating time to strength building, I also add cardio to the mix with my twice a week spin classes after the kids go to bed.

I also do reformer Pilates once a week to help keep me limber and injury-free. It sounds like a lot, but I am more productive when I've had some time working out. I think it makes me a better person.

Q3) Any tips for the busy professionals who are trying to kickstart a fitness routine?

If you are just getting started, I say take it easy. You don't want to shock your body and risk injuring yourself! Working out doesn't have to be time-intensive. If you can spare 15-25 minutes a day to do some simple bodyweight exercises, then you'll find yourself working up a sweat and able to do more in time to come.

I find TABATA routines a simple and effective way to get the heart rate up if you're time-starved. Choose an exercise, then do 20 seconds of it, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. That takes you about 4 minutes. Pick 3-5 exercises, and you've built yourself a nice little routine that will take you up to 25 minutes.

I recommend bodyweight exercises to start. Here are some examples of my favourites: push-ups (any variation), jumping jacks, pop squats, planks, mountain climbers and Russian twists. Of course, you can be as creative as you wish.

Most importantly, after warming up and cooling down properly, make sure you have a kickass playlist to keep you going. I've compiled several volumes over the years. Just search "GetSweat" on Spotify! You're welcome.

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