Underwater Museum Acts As A Safe Haven For Protecting Marine Life

An incredible footage has emerged of the underwater museum in Lanzarote, Spain, where sculptures act as a silent appeal to protect the ocean! Check out this amazing clip, and find out for yourselves!

This is the first underwater museum in Europe. It is an appeal to protect and appreciate the underwater world. The museum covers an area of 2.500 square meters. All sculptures were designed by Jason deCaires Taylor. Curiously, the model for many figures were residents of the island. Amazing!

The exhibition aims on reflecting today’s society. Over 200 life-size figures were made for this sculpture. They form a reef for marine species to inhabit. The important message this video has to convey is ‘be a human, protect the ocean, so far as you can’.

Lurking underneath the ocean is the Cancún Underwater Museum based in Cancún, Mexico devoted to the art of conservation. With a total of 500 sculptures, this museum mostly flaunts the work of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor together with the work of five Mexican sculptors. This hidden gem consists of three different galleries submerged three to six meters deep in the ocean.

This genius idea was presented by Marine Park Director Jaime Gonzalez Canto, and together with Taylor's assistance, museum’s objective is saving the nearby coral reefs by providing an alternative destination for divers. Would you mind visiting these underwater statues? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

In addition, the museum had to obtain a permit to sink 1,200 structures in 10 different areas within the National Marine Park so that snorkelers, scuba divers, and tourists can visit the underwater exhibits via a glass-bottom boat. How cool is this? We will definitely put this amazing place on our bucket list!