Valerie Bertinelli is stepping away from social media for 'mental health break': 'I'll be back'

Valerie Bertinelli may have to be a social butterfly for her job, but she's crawling back into her cocoon for some much needed rest.

The TV personality and author revealed in a Friday Instagram post that she's taking a break from social media following a hectic book tour for her cookbook "Indulge."

"The last six or so weeks have been…a LOT," Bertinelli wrote alongside a selfie. "And while I am incredibly grateful for all your support for my book and everyone I've had the good fortune to meet, this here introvert in extrovert's clothing is in need of a mental health break."

While Bertinelli acknowledged that she didn't need to formally "announce my departure," the "One Day at a Time" star said she wanted to reassure fans she's doing OK.

"I'm good. Honest," Bertinelli continued. "Taking a little social media cleanse/detox and a mental health break is a good thing, and I'm grateful I’m at a place in my life where I'm aware enough to know when I'm overwhelmed and mentally/emotionally exhausted."

She concluded: "Y’all take care of yourselves. I’ll be back before you know it. 🤍"

Valerie Bertinelli reveals new romance on Instagram

Despite her digital detox, Bertinelli recently used social media to share a sweet development in her love life.

In late April, the “Valerie’s Home Cooking” host went Instagram official with her boyfriend, Hoarse Whisperings blogger Mike Goodnough. She had previously hinted at dating Goodnough, who penned a column April 9 about the chef and actress on his Substack referencing Bertinelli's press tour for her cookbook.

"🎶 I’ll drink what you think, and I’m high from smokin’ your jokes all damn night 🎶,” Bertinelli wrote alongside a selfie of the couple, quoting the Taylor Swift love song “So High School.”

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Valerie Bertinelli opens up about relationship with food

While discussing her latest cookbook “Indulge” in an April interview with USA TODAY’s “The Essentials,” Bertinelli said she had developed a relationship with food that wasn't healthy.

"In my toolbox of things on how to deal with any kind of emotion I'm going through that I do not want to feel, I take out food, sometimes I take out alcohol," Bertinelli said at the time. "Until I decided to truly feel my pain and walk through it and get to the other side, nothing in my life was going to change.”

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Bertinelli also got candid about the cultural impact of dieting trends.

"I'm the (expletive) poster child" for being food- and weight-shamed," Bertinelli said. "I lose weight on Jenny Craig and I'm lovable? I was lovable before. That messed with my mind. I bought into diet culture hook, line and sinker like everybody else."

The act of indulging "has been given a bad rap," she continued. " 'I'm going to cheat this weekend.' It’s not cheating. We need to allow ourselves the pleasure of our lives. Food is a big, important part of my life."

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