Velma season 2 trailer teases Scooby Gang love triangle

daphne and velma embrace, velma season 2 teaser trailer
Velma s2 trailer teases Scooby Gang love triangleHBO Max

The trailer for season 2 of Max's Velma has teased a complicated love triangle for the show's protagonist.

Starring Mindy Kaling in the role of Scooby-Doo classic character Velma Dinkley, the animated series focuses on the romantic relationships in the Mystery, Inc gang.

After Velma and her best friend Daphne Blake, voiced by Constance Wu, have explored their feelings for each other in the previous season, it seems they will hit a rough patch in the upcoming chapter.

daphne and velma embrace, velma season 2 teaser trailer

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The teaser suggests Daphne won't be too pleased to find out Velma has told Norville Rogers aka Shaggy she loves him and is looking for an explanation. Meanwhile, Velma doesn't seem too thrilled to talk about her feelings and looks for an easy way out.

"You really want to have a deep conversation about our feelings right now?!" Velma asks as she's ready to drive off with Fred Jones.

Velma and Daphne will have an entire season to figure out where they stand in their budding romance, while also trying to solve a series of murders and not ending up on the police's radar.

velma season 2 teaser trailer

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Weighing in on the show in 2023, the show's star and executive producer Kaling spoke on Velma's queerness finally being canon after multiple debates over the character's sexuality.

"I work on a couple of other shows about young women, and it just felt like this gift to explore, knowing that there's all these expectations for the character," she told Collider. "It was for this reason why it really felt worthy to do an origin story of her."

Season 2 of Velma will premiere on MAX in the US on April 25.

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