Video: Bears act like they own the place as they rummage through Lake Tahoe vehicles

Two bears were recently caught on camera at a South Lake Tahoe residence acting like they owned the place.

On April 13, 2024, security video recorded the pair rummaging through a car and a truck parked in a driveway and doing a bit of wrestling.

The were probably looking for food, the property owner told ViralHog, a licensor of videos.

“When you’re in bear country, do not leave food in the car,” the property owner said. “Caught these guys going to town on my South Lake Tahoe property driveway camera.”

Bears in the Lake Tahoe, California, region are generally known to emerge from hibernation and begin roaming around in late March or early April. However, California Department of Fish and Wildlife say an increasing number of bears are not hibernating at all or have shortened their hibernation period for a number of reasons.