Video reveals mysterious disappearing figure in background

While filming at the cottage for a "how to" video, this cameraman captured something unintentional and surprising. He was planning to create a short video about how to make a campfire treat (S'mores) on a Swedish stove. But when he looked thorough his video, he something in the background that caught his eye. What appears to be a person walking towards the beach can be seen. He's carrying something and all appears normal enough. Until the figure simply fades into nothing as quickly as he appeared. There isn't an obvious explanation for this. This is a remote lake in Northern Ontario, but there have been stories and whispered tales for generations on this lake. People swear they have seen mysterious balls of lightning moving up the lake at just above the water level. Others claim to see canoes in the distance with figures that appear hazy before they fade into nothing. There have been many stories that connect these sightings with the fact that this lake was a popular area for nomadic indigenous people hundreds of years before. Whatever the explanation, the appearance and disappearance of this person in the background will leave you guessing.