Business as usual at London Zoo, but without the public

Life will carry on as normal as possible, the zoo's Chief Operating Officer Kathryn England told Reuters on Wednesday (March 25), even if it feels odd to be closed for the first time since the Second World War.

"The important thing is that we focus on the here and now," said England. "It's making sure that whilst we have got keepers that are needing to come in, and whilst we have got animals that still need feeding, that we make sure we focus on that and do everything that we can to ensure continuity and normality."

Even though visitors cannot see the animals at present, the charity behind the zoo has launched a new fundraiser online to support the care of its 18,000 inhabitants - from majestic lions to tiny frogs - who "need a lot of food".

England has been "overwhelmed" by the "really positive" response from the public since the gates have shut. "Over this period of time where it's sunny and it's warm, we are missing visitors a lot and therefore, the support that we would gain through that," she said. "Whilst there is an awful lot of support out there for us, we really want people to support by donating and they can do that now through our website."

In the meantime, the zoo's residents continue to have fun in the sun, knowing the visitors will return one day soon.