Howler Monkey and Anteater Compete for Carer's Attention

A volunteer working with wild animals at a refuge in Bolivia recently published the adorable interaction between a howler monkey and an anteater who were competing for her attention.

Biologist Natalia Cara de Medeiros published the adorable footage to YouTube, where the two animals can be seen cuddling into her.

In the video, the monkey, which de Medeiros identified as being a Bolivian red howler, disappears underneath her clothes, while the southern tamandua, or lesser anteater as it’s also known, hangs onto her arm for a hug.

In the caption for the footage, de Medeiros said that the babies had lost their mothers to poachers but were “lucky enough” to be rescued. However, having been “hand-raised” by volunteers, they have become very accustomed to people, she said.

“Unfortunately,” de Medeiros said, “[they] won’t be able to be released back into the wild.”

Reacting to the video, she commented that “although these cuties generally get along just fine, they compete for attention, which is not the easiest thing for their foster mom.”

De Medeiros regularly uploads her adventures to her YouTube channel. A proud advocate for the animal cause, she warned that only one in 10 animals survives trafficking. Credit: Naty’s Adventures via Storyful

Video Transcript