Massive Dust Storm Bears Down on Lightning Ridge in North-West New South Wales

Wild winds whipped up a massive dust storm in remote north-west New South Wales, prompting the weather bureau to warn locals of damaging gusts on February 17.

Dust clouds can be seen blowing through bushland near Lightning Ridge in a video posted to Facebook by Scott Fojjo.

“Came up to photograph a lightning storm. It ended up generating a fast moving dust storm. Now we are getting absolutely flogged with rain, dust and lightning at the same time. Absolutely crazy!” Fojjo said in a Facebook post.

Dust storms are created when winds dislodge dust particles from the surface and unstable atmospheric conditions, such as a cold front or a trough, cause the particles to be lifted to high levels. Dust storms are more frequent during dry periods and Lightning Ridge is considered to be in drought by the state’s Department of Primary Industries. Credit: Scott Fojjo via Storyful