Two killed in Hawaii shooting

In Hawaii, at least two police officers were shot and killed Sunday (January 19) in the capital Honolulu.

Authorities believe the man who shot them, 69-year-old Jerry Hanel then set his home on fire and may have died.

They say three people are unaccounted for, including the shooter.

It all played out in a quiet neighborhood not far from Waikiki Beach.

A witness told local news he heard about 20 shots fired during the incident.

Police say the two officers died after they were taken to the hospital.

Honolulu police chief Susan Ballard held back tears.


"On behalf of the men and women of the Honolulu Police Department our deepest condolences go out to the families of officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama (choking up, sighing). The HPD grieves along with you and shares your loss. This morning at 9 am officers responded to a 911 call from a female who said that she needed help. The initial responding officer found a female who had been stabbed in the leg. Two additional officers arrived and the three were walking down the driveway when the suspect opened fire shooting officer Enriquez, a seven year veteran assigned to District Six Waikiki. Two other officers were forced to take cover as more officers arrived to assist. The suspect fired at the second group of officers and fatally struck officer Kalama, a nine year veteran assigned to District 7 East Honolulu."

Local news say the incident began the suspect stabbed his landlord - a woman who was trying to evict him.

After the house was set on fire the flames spread, destroying cars and several homes.

Police say an investigation is ongoing and will likely take days to process the crime scene including any remains.