Veterinarians Treat Bears and Mountain Lion With Burns From California Wildfires

Veterinarians with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have treated two bears and a mountain lion for burns suffered this record wildfire season in the state.

The department released video on October 5 showing vets at work treating the sedated animals’ wounds.

The department said the Wildlife Investigations Laboratory in Rancho Cordova received its first patient on September 11 – a 370 lb male black bear caught up in the Bear Fire.

Ten days later, vets received a female mountain lion from the Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles County. And, on September 30, a second male bear arrived, from the Zogg Fire in Shasta County.

On Facebook, the department said the bear in the video footage had been deemed healthy enough to be released back to the wild on October 5, and it was hoped the mountain lion would follow not long after.

The department said this year’s fire season had seen more than 7,700 fires consume 3.7 million acres of wildlife habitat so far. Credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife via Storyful