“The View” cohost slams “Golden Bachelor” couple's 'complete crock' romance amid divorce: 'I told you so'

“The View” cohost slams “Golden Bachelor” couple's 'complete crock' romance amid divorce: 'I told you so'

Ana Navarro previously expressed frustration after repeatedly discussing "The Golden Bachelor" on "The View" throughout late 2023.

The View cohost Ana Navarro bravely battled through her previously expressed disdain for discussing The Golden Bachelor on air throughout late 2023 — now, the Miami-based icon is celebrating in the wake of the reality show couple's impending divorce.

After Joy Behar introduced a Friday Hot Topic discussion about Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's separation — as announced hours earlier on Good Morning America — the show's in-studio audience giggled over the development, before Navarro gloated about her sustained opposition to the show's premise.

"For like, six months, you tortured me every Friday and made me talk about this topic, which I can't stand because I think it's manufactured and a complete crock," Navarro said. "So, today, I get to say, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!"

Behar then speculated that Turner and Nist will be alright, because "she has money" and "he has Viagra," though Sunny Hostin lamented falling "for this nonsense" in the first place.

"I'm upset because I thought since they were older they knew better and they could find love, and they didn't," she said.

<p>JOHN FLEENOR/DISNEY; ABC</p> Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner on 'The Golden Bachelor' ; Ana Navarro on 'The View'


Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner on 'The Golden Bachelor' ; Ana Navarro on 'The View'

"You don't watch it to watch people find lasting love, you do to see how the social experiment works. It's filmed over six weeks, they're dating other people. If you make it to the Honeymoon Suites, he's probably slept with another person, or she, right before proposing to you," Alyssa Farah Griffin added.

Navarro sent the show to commercial with one final summary of the Golden Bachelor developments that have plagued her for weeks on end.

"The mistake was going on national TV to try to feign a relationship and love," she said. "I've had pimples that last longer than this marriage!"

Entertainment Weekly has reached out to representatives for The Golden Bachelor — which also airs on The View's parent network, ABC — for comment.

In November, Navarro, who typically only appears on The View on Mondays and Fridays, stopped a Hot Topics segment to beg producer Brian Teta to stop forcing her to engage with news from The Golden Bachelor on the air.

"I have one golden question. Brian, when is this show, The Golden Bachelor, over, so I no longer have to talk about it on Fridays?" she said, turning to Teta. The camera then cut to the EP, who responded, "We have a few more weeks, but I think we'll do a couple of extra shows, just for you."

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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