Village of Elnora council approves offer for cooler doors

The Village of Elnora approved an offer for some surplus cooler equipment which came unsolicited from a member of the public. The resolution to accept the offer was made at the April 9 regular meeting of council.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate presented councillors with a report on an unsolicited offer from the public on some cooler equipment the village doesn’t appear to be using.

She stated an offer was made to the village for cooler doors and fans, with the buyer offering to come pick everything up as well.

The offer was made in an email which was presented to councillors at the meeting. “Hi, I’d like to offer you at six cooler doors $500, two fan $500,” stated the email which was sent by Cory Kim on April 1. “I will disassemble the units and load them by myself within 10 days of approval. Please check my offer and let me know.”

Wesgate stated that the offer was for only the cooler doors and fans and the offer didn’t provide any information on what they’d be used for.

The CAO stated there was no intention to “part out” the cooler but it was up to councillors to decide whether to accept the offer.

Mayor Jul Bissell seemed to like the offer, noting the proposed buyer was planning on doing most of the work which would save the village some money.

As councillors discussed the offer they noted that the cooler parts were village property that had not been advertised as available for sale. The mayor responded he has never heard anyone voice any interest in the cooler doors and fans except for this offer. The mayor further noted that perhaps the village could look into what the rest of the cooler parts might be worth.

As the discussion continued councillors stated selling the parts would allow the revenue received to be invested into the new library project.

Councillors unanimously accepted Kim’s offer for cooler doors and fans.

How low is too low?

Councillors balked at a resident’s inquiry about a special kind of toilet.

“A resident inquired if the village would consider a rebate for the installation of low flow toilets in the municipality,” stated Wesgate’s memo to council.

However, the CAO noted she’d spoken to the Public Works foreman about the request who then informed her Elnora’s water system isn’t capable of handling low flow toilets. These toilets would force the village to flush out the wastewater system more often, stated the CAO.

Mayor Bissell noted it seemed council was unable to approve this request even though he understood why people were interested in these water-saving toilets.

Goodbye garbage truck

Wesgate provided the results of the village’s efforts to sell its surplus garbage truck at auction. According to an invoice from Michener Allen Auctions, one bid was received for the 2007 International DuraStar truck of $20,000, which after commission and taxes, netted the village $18, 370.

Councillors seemed happy with the results, agreeing the truck was costing the village money and wasn’t being used.

Police funding

The CAO provided councillors with a report on the increased taxes Elnora has been paying to the provincial government over the past several years for police services. She noted Elnora’s 2024/25 bill from the province totals $14,511 with a total since 2020 of $37,377.

During discussion councillors mentioned the province’s ongoing efforts to introduce a provincial police force; Mayor Bissell stated he’s never heard anyone except the provincial government and larger cities that don’t have RCMP anyway support the idea of replacing the Mounties with such a force.

In fact, councillors noted, other jurisdictions such as Surrey, B.C. that tried the idea failed badly. It turned out, they noted, RCMP officers didn’t seem interested in leaving the force for a new job combined with other problems causing a recruitment problem.

Councillors agreed Alberta municipalities don’t want a provincial police force but the Government of Alberta is pushing it anyway.

Recycling request

Councillors unanimously approved a request to be included in the village’s waste collection and recycling. The CAO reported that A. Silbernagel located at Twp Rd 352 east of Hwy. #21, had asked to be included in the village’s service.

“This request complies with Bylaw #2024-02, being the garbage bylaw,” stated Wesgate’s report. She noted that councillors must approve the request before it can be fulfilled.

Pushed back

Councillors unanimously agreed to change their regular meeting time to 7 p.m. from the current 6 p.m.

It was stated at the meeting one councillor started a new job in Red Deer and was having trouble making the 6 p.m. start time.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review