'The Voice Mexico' star Jerry Demara died in agony aged 42 after using vitamin injections

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Jerry Demara has died aged 42. (Instagram/Jerry Demara)
Jerry Demara has died aged 42. (Instagram/Jerry Demara)

The Voice Mexico star Jerry Demara has died at the age of 42, after suffering an adverse reaction to vitamin injections.

The father-of-two – real name Gerardo Demara – was admitted to hospital in Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Bawley, California suffering “unbearable pain” in his leg and bottom after administering the injections himself at home.

Demara was admitted to hospital after suffering severe vomiting, delirium and blisters on his leg.

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He underwent surgery and his condition was stabilised, but died shortly afterwards. It is not known what kind of vitamin injections he had used.

His wife Claudia Plascencia confirmed his death on Facebook saying: “Family and friends the love of my life is already enjoying the glory of God, thank you all for your prayers.”

She added in tribute: “Love of my life, it is so painful to accept that I will no longer see you and have your company, your voice or your caresses.

“My heart has been broken and I don’t know what I will do without you.”

Just 48 hours before his death he shared a video on social media revealing he had suffered an adverse reaction to vitamin injections after administering them himself.

He said: “I am in the hospital because I have a problem in [my] bottom.

"By mistake, I used [the injections on] three different days, far from each other.

"I injected vitamins and the day before yesterday I did the same in the other part of my bottom.

"I have been suffering strong pain, around 12 levels out of 10, for six hours.”

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Demara rose to fame in 2012 after taking part in The Voice Mexico. He was nominated for Best Regional Mexican album at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2018.

Vitamin injections are a wellbeing trend used to boost energy and fight fatigue. They can also be administered via IV drip.

Celebrities known to have used them include Katie Price, Madonna, Adele, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

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