Vote Compass shows Torontonians support handgun ban

Toronto election: 5 things to know

Torontonians no longer want handguns on city streets according to preliminary results from Vote Compass, and the majority of them support a handgun ban.

Vote Compass helps voters see how their views stack up to the positions of candidates vying for Toronto's top job.

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So far, nearly 54,000 people have answered a series of questions on the Vote Compass site on issues like taxes, transit, and law and order. The following analysis is based on 17,161 respondents who answered questions from Sept. 28 through Oct. 16.

Asked whether Toronto should ban all handguns, there was strong, multi-partisan support. More than half of right-leaning voters said they somewhat agreed or strongly agreed with a handgun ban.

Participants were also asked if Toronto police should be allowed to stop, question and record information about anyone who they consider to be suspicious.

More than half of respondents disagreed somewhat or strongly to carding practices. Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow's supporters were among the majority of those who strongly disagreed with the practice, accounting for nearly twice as many as either Doug Ford or John Tory's supporters.

Asked if police officers should be equipped with Tasers, about half of the respondents either somewhat or strongly agreed with the statement. Chow's supporters were more likely to disagree.

Vox Pop Labs is an independent, non-partisan group of social researchers and data scientists that developed Vote Compass. The respondent data was weighted using the latest census data to approximate a representative sample of the Toronto population.