Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 confirms release window

lauren cohan as maggie rhee, jeffrey dean morgan as negan, the walking dead dead city season 1
TWD: Dead City confirms season 2 release windowPeter Kramer/AMC

The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 has confirmed its release window of 2025, with filming now underway.

Spinning off from The Walking Dead, which wrapped up after 11 seasons in 2022, the first load of Dead City episodes witnessed Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohen) in their desperate plight to find the latter's abducted son.

Journeying to New York City, they happened across a horrifying turf war as one side unleashed a six-armed zombie.

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Dead City's 2025 return was confirmed in an Instagram teaser clip this week, which showed both Morgan and Cohen mucking around behind the scenes amongst other things.

Dan McDermott of AMC was pleased to share its season 2 renewal back July last year, saying in a statement: "This next chapter in the Walking Dead Universe continues to thrive with a terrific inaugural season for Dead City and highly anticipated new journey for fan-favourite character Daryl Dixon coming in September.

"We can't wait to bring Dead City fans back to the epicenter of Manhattan for more zip-lining action with Maggie and Negan."

lauren cohan as maggie rhee, jeffrey dean morgan as negan, the walking dead dead city season 1
Peter Kramer/AMC

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Negan actor Morgan will no doubt be hoping for some more time on set with co-star Steven Ogg, who reprised loose canon Simon in a season 1 flashback scene.

"I was so happy to get a chance to bring Steven back," Morgan told Entertainment Weekly when Dead City first aired. "What an amazing choice — out of all the people in this universe we could have had come back, to have Ogg come back. I'd take him back any f**king time.

"I just adore him, so I feel really lucky to have had him come back. He can have his own f**king series just doing anything and I would watch it."

The Walking Dead aired on AMC in the US and STAR on Disney+ in the UK. Dead City airs weekly in the US every Sunday. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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