Wally the emotional support alligator is missing, which is the worst news

Remember Wally the emotional support alligator? Sure you do! A Philadelphia Phillies fan named Joie Henney tried to bring WallyGator into a game, but wasn’t allowed to do so back in September.

But Wally was allowed into a Flyers game in October and Gritty got to dance with him.

Unfortunately, this update isn’t a happy one. Per the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wally was taken in late April while Henney was in Georgia. Henney alleges that the trapper who stole Wally put him in a swamp with other gators.

Henney has been updating everyone on the WallyGator Facebook page. Here’s the latest as of Wednesday morning:

Awful news. Hoping that Wally is found!

Story originally appeared on For The Win