Want to find a Christmas tree in Whitehorse? There's a map for that

There are plenty of conifers around Whitehorse — the "wilderness city" — but that doesn't mean you can just go anywhere and cut down that picture-perfect Christmas tree.

You need a map. 

Well happy holidays, the Yukon government has made that map for you.

"It has all the areas that we've identified that are suitable to go out and get that perfect tree," said Cheryl Ritz, with Yukon's Forest Management Branch.

Government of Yukon

The interactive map is available online free of charge. It identifies areas both within and outside of city limits where you can go cut a tree. Yukoners are allowed to harvest up to two Christmas trees per household.

The map also helps you find the species you prefer.  

"It directs you to different areas. So, if you want to get a fir tree or a pine tree or a spruce tree — that kind of information is on there, as well as, you know, how to get there," Ritz said.

The map can be printed off or downloaded to a phone or tablet. Ritz says they're also geo-referenced, for people who are a little more tech-savvy.

Forestry officials also have some advice for seasonal tree-harvesters — cut as low as possible on the trunk, so you don't leave a high stump for others to trip on.