'Warm Buttered Yams and Dijon Ketchup': Toronto Animal Services wants you to adopt these good dogs with bad names

Toronto Animal Services has lowered adoption fees until May 12 to help ease crowded shelter conditions

Toronto Animal Services lowers adoption fees until May 5. (Credit: toanimalservices/Instagram)

Toronto Animal Service is turning to an ingenious solution in hopes of easing crowded shelter conditions and landing dogs into loving homes.

Its solution? Giving dogs "weird, terrible names" with the goal of people adopting and giving their new pet a name worth calling, because let's be honest, what dog deserves a name like "The Sea and Her Mysteries?"

"Starting with dinner, have we got a dish for you — it's Garlic Bread! Garlic Bread is a 6-year-old Husky who's out here defying preconceptions. She isn't as 'go-go-go' as some other Huskies, rather G.B. is a gentle, mild-mannered pup," the city writes in a social media post.

To help give the dogs the home and name they deserve, Toronto Animal Services says it has reduced its adoption fee to $50 from now to May 12, according to its website.

"We've seen some other shelters give unusual names for cats and kittens," Elana Trainoff, manager of animal services partnerships at the City of Toronto, writes in an emailed statement to Yahoo Canada.

"People were sharing some of the weirder-named cats on social media. We thought that if we did the same for our dogs, but gave them all bizarre names, it would encourage people to go to our website to see what other bad names we came up with — and hopefully get some more eyes on these dogs."

Trainoff credits the creativity of their social media marketer to come up with the names. The only requirement is that it be weird enough to turn heads.

"'Missy' became 'Mystery' became 'The Sea and her Mysteries,'" she adds.

According to the Toronto Animal Services release, the campaign comes at a time when shelters are dealing with overcrowded conditions. Trainoff cites the high numbers being due to strays and owner surrenders among other reasons.

Before adopting, Toronto Animal Services urges people to consider that adoption is a commitment to care for a pet for the rest of its life, noting dogs and cats alike need daily exercise, play and companionship.

"Got all that? Good dogs. Bad names. $50 adoption fee (and that includes licensing, spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping). You can save these dogs from ridiculous names by adopting one today at toronto.ca/adoptapet," the animal agency shares.

Toronto Animal Services has extended the adoption campaign from May 5 to May 12, it confirmed to Yahoo Canada.