Watch: Dashcam video shows semi truck hanging off Kentucky bridge after crash

Dashcam video from inside the cab of a tractor-trailer that was left dangling from a Kentucky bridge after a collision was shown in court Wednesday.

The crash happened on March 1 on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville. The Louisville Metro Police Department previously said it was a four-vehicle wreck and the driver of the semi truck had to be rescued from the cab by Louisville Fire and Rescue.

Trevor Branham, 33, of Jeffersonville, In., is accused of causing the wreck, according to court records. He was in Jefferson District Court for a preliminary hearing Wednesday, where a video from inside the tractor-trailer was shown during evidence testimony.

WHAS11 in Louisville posted a video of the footage to its YouTube page. The video shows Branham avoiding a collision with a stalled vehicle and swerving into the tractor-trailer’s lane, hitting the vehicle.

The tractor-trailer then crosses into oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes and drives off the western side of the bridge. The semi-truck then comes to a stop and the video shows the dramatic moments where the driver is left suspended in the air inside the cab, hanging above the river.

The semi-trailer caught the bridge beam and kept the semi from falling into the river, according to court records. Police previously said the driver’s injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

Rescuers work to get a driver out of the cab of a tractor trailer on the Clark Memorial (Second Street) Bridge in Louisville, Ky., March 1.
Rescuers work to get a driver out of the cab of a tractor trailer on the Clark Memorial (Second Street) Bridge in Louisville, Ky., March 1.

Branham was charged with four counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, according to court records. He was also charged with operating on a suspended/revoked license after investigators learned his license was suspended due to charge from February 2024.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Branham’s attorney, Scott Barton, argued the wreck was a routine occurrence that happened to catch the media’s attention while LMPD Det. Clarence Beaufort testified Branham drove recklessly before the collision, according to WHAS.

“This is the result, manifesting extreme indifference to human life, that could result in serious physical injury or death,” Jefferson County District Attorney Liem Sokhon said during the hearing, according to WHAS.

Branham’s case was sent forward to a grand jury, according to court records.

Branham’s partially secured his $20,000 bond when he was arraigned in Jefferson District Court on March 22.