What to Watch Friday: ‘Dateline’ has latest on 40-year-old double murder finally solved

Here’s what’s on TV tonight.

Dateline: Evil Walked Through the Door (9 p.m., NBC)

Josh Mankiewicz reports on two cold case murders solved 40 years later through a genetic genealogy investigative breakthrough. The separate murders of Susan Tice, 45, and Erin Gilmour, 22, in Toronto in 1983 had police stumped for decades, but in 2010 they learned through DNA evidence that the crimes were committed by the same men.

Toronto police Det. Andrew Doyle tells Mankiewicz that the case was eventually cracked “when diligent, old-fashioned detective work is combined with modern breakthroughs in genetic genealogy.”

Following the capture of the Golden State Killer through genetic genealogy, DNA science was used to find the man who murdered Tice and Gilmour: Joseph George Sutherland, 62 years old when identified by police. Sutherland lived in Northern Ontario at the time, the Toronto Sun reported.

The case went to trial and was resolved this past October.

The “Dateline” episode features interviews with Det. Stephen Smith, Det. Andrew Doyle, Det. James Atkinson, Sean McCowan, Ben Tice, Vanessa Vansittart and Kristin Basso.

To stream: The episode will be available the next day on Peacock.

20/20 (9 p.m., ABC)

ABC News correspondent John Quiñones investigates the highly publicized murder of beloved church pastor Matthew Winkler in Selmer, Tennessee, in 2006.

Winkler seemed to have the perfect family with his wife Mary and three daughters, ABC News wrote, until the pastor was found dead in his family home and his wife and daughters were missing. The investigation revealed allegations of financial scams, emotional abuse and shocking details about the minister’s sex life.

The killer, after conviction, was only sentenced to three years in prison and served a very short amount of time before being let out on probation.

The episode features exclusive interviews with a juror on the case, Shannon Whitely, plus a retired Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent John Mehr, who headed up the investigation into Matthew Winkler’s death. Also, Donna Dunlap, Mary’s former probation officer, and other officials and reporters connected to the case.

To stream: The episode airs the next day on Hulu.

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