Watch: Idaho man snaps 110 pencils in one minute

May 17 (UPI) -- Serial Guinness World Record-breaker David Rush recaptured one of his former titles by snapping 110 pencils in one minute.

Rush, whose goal is to hold the most concurrent Guinness World Records titles, originally held the record for most pencils snapped in one minute in 2019, when he broke 98 writing implements in the allotted time.

The record was broken multiple times in the ensuing years, and Rush nearly captured it with an 111-pencil attempt, but it was disqualified due to an issue with his stopwatch operator.

Rush tried again a week later, this time snapping 110 pencils -- enough to tie the record set by Ronald Sarchian in 2022. He is now co-holder of the title.

The record brings Rush's total concurrent titles to 169, edging him closer to his goal of 181.