Watch: SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft arrives at the International Space Station

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship is set to arrive at the International Space Station with food and supplies on board (23 March).

It's the 30th mission by SpaceX, and it set off during the uncrewed Falcon9 rocket launch on 21 March, from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

The mission, known as CRS-30, was the first cargo launch of its kind since March 2020.

“We loaded cargo while the vehicle was still horizontal using a mobile cleanroom before we would take the vehicle vertical for lunch, but thanks to this new state of the art crew tower, required for our human spaceflight missions, that late-load cargo operation got a massive upgrade, too,” Sarah Walker, director of SpaceX Dragon mission management, said during a press briefing earlier in the week.

Also on board is 6,000 pounds of research and hardware, with Nasa astronauts, Loral O’Hara and Michael Barratt, monitoring the ship as it lands.