Watch live: White House holds briefing with Pete Buttigieg and Coast Guard’s Peter Gautier

Watch live as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a daily press briefing as the aftermath of the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse is still assessed.

Transport secretary Pete Buttigieg and vice admiral Peter Gautier, deputy commandant for operations for the United States Coast Guard, will also speak at the briefing.

The briefing comes hours after the United States Coast Guard announced it was suspending the search for six men missing after a Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday 26 March.

The bridge, a major connector in the US northeast corridor, collapsed after a cargo ship lost control of steering in Baltimore harbour and crashed into one of the bridge's main towers.

Transportation workers rushed to clear traffic from the bridge before the crash occurred but a road maintenance crew did not make it off the bridge in time.

The six missing are believed to be from that crew.