If you have to watch one (HBO) Max movie in June 2024, stream this one

Dakota Johnson in Am I OK?

June is a blockbuster month for HBO and Max, boasting the highly anticipated second season of House of the Dragon, Julio Torres’ whimsical Fantasmas, and the intriguing docu-series Ren Faire. But amid the streaming service’s impressive catalog, Tig Notaro’s and Stephanie Allynne’s Am I OK? stands out as the must-watch film, especially since we celebrate Pride Month in June. 

Am I OK? is a dramedy that stars Dakota Johnson as Lucy, a woman who slowly comes to the realization that she’s queer. With her best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) by her side, Lucy embarks on a relatable journey of self-discovery, navigating the often-awkward world of dating and learning to embrace her true self. 

Dakota Johnson delivers an unforgettable performance

Dakota Johnson as Lucy in Am I OK
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Audiences might be skeptical about Johnson’s acting prowess due to her role in Madame Web, but in Am I OK?, she delivers one of her best performances. Johnson plays Lucy, a woman on a journey of self-discovery, with such authenticity and vulnerability that viewers are instantly drawn into her story. 

Johnson’s portrayal of Lucy’s emotional turmoil as she navigates the complexities of her late-blooming queerness is both heartfelt and nuanced. The scene where Lucy and Jane quarrel in Lucy’s workplace is particularly noteworthy, showcasing Johnson’s ability to convey deep, raw emotion with subtlety and grace.

It highlights the relatable story of coming out later in life

Dakota Johnson in Am I OK?
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The narrative of Am I OK? resonates deeply with many queer individuals who didn’t have the privilege to come out early in life. Often, societal pressures and conservative family backgrounds delay this journey of self-acceptance. The movie poignantly captures this struggle, portraying Lucy’s late-in-life coming out as a courageous step toward living authentically. 

Some viewers will see themselves in Lucy, who, despite controlling many aspects of her life, still grapples with the fear and uncertainty of embracing her true identity. This relatable storyline underscores that it’s never too late to discover and accept who you truly are.

It shows the importance of strong female friendships

Sonoya Mizuno and Dakota Johnson in Am I OK?
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Jane is the kind of friend everyone needs. She encourages Lucy to step out of her comfort zone and explore her identity, even bringing her to The Womb, a gay bar. Although the night doesn’t end as planned — with Jane dancing the night away and making out with a stranger while Lucy feels out of place — their friendship remains a cornerstone of the film. 

While they had a small rift between them, Jane was still rooting for Lucy. Her unwavering support and her impending move to London add layers of complexity and heartache to their relationship, which highlights the rarity and value of such deep, supportive female friendships.

It finds humor amid heartache

Dakota Johnson in Am I OK?
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Am I OK? reminds us that self-discovery can be a humorous journey, filled with unexpected connections. Despite Lucy’s introspective struggles, the film injects humor through quirky characters like Sky (Odessa A’zion), who is a determined yoga instructor. Sky’s antics become a source of comic relief, reminding us that laughter can be a bridge during challenging times.

Jane’s co-worker, the delightfully obnoxious Kat (Molly Gordon), adds another layer of humor with her over-the-top personality. This provides a hilarious contrast to Lucy’s introspective journey. Despite Kat’s initial annoyance, the banter between Jane and Lucy underscores their enduring friendship. The humor cuts through Lucy’s sadness, creating an emotional experience that emphasizes the importance of support and laughter during self-discovery.

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